Saturday, 11 February 2012


I'm a filmmaker + photographer from california. I filmed a lot of things over there and did a bunch of photo shoots as well. Now I live in england because I tricked a beautiful english girl to marry me, and we're crazy in love. It's been a crazy life so far and I've loved every minute of it. YouTube my name and you'll see. I often travel and always take my camera with me where ever I go. It's my paintbrush. I love film. I love photography. I love telling stories. I've worked with hundreds of people since I first picked up a camera. I've worked with hollywood suits, celebrities, big corporations, small companies, non-profits, charities, and churches. But most of all, I love working with aspiring artists such as myself. Collaboration is the key in creating art, don't you think? We're all in this together. I just want to film. I just want to shoot. I just want to tell stories.

Leaf in Hand

Friday, 10 February 2012


I was introduced to the art of making paper whilst I was teaching crafts in London.  I had previously studied textile design and found an affinity with the process of constructing and manipulating the surface.  After several years' teaching, I had a period of working as a secretary in arts organisations and when redundancy appeared, I seized the opportunity to
return to a creative life, and paper has been my artistic focus since 1983.  Apart from being an artist, I am a professional gardener and write poetry.  I am a founder member of PaperWEIGHT, a National group of paper artists and I exhibit regularly with PaperWEIGHT and take part in the Wylye Valley Art Trail.

I currently use handmade paper for a technique I invented of applying and mixing liquid paper pulp, similar in method to painting.  I carefully incorporate photographs that provide the sharp focal point and the pulp confuses the boundaries, creating a blurred, peripheral and out-of-focus
effect.  These works are called Papographs.

The nineteenth century photographic method of Cyanotype, which uses sunlight to develop the paper, is another medium on paper that I continue to explore.  The process has so many unexpected subtleties - often creating extraordinary detail as with a delicate x-ray, the deep blue having a dream-like quality.  I add a little watercolour to imply the colour seeping into or leaving the image, also gold or silver leaf as a flash to certain pieces.  To date I have used over 80 different kinds of plants with this technique.  As it brings together gardens and art, it satisfies both aspects of my life!

My themes are always connected to the natural world and an idea can evolve into both written and art work.  I draw on what is local - the fantastic Cley Hill, on the outskirts of Warminster, is an ever-changing landmark, one I will continue to use.

Nothing can replace the excitement once a piece of work is under way and it is, without doubt, a way for me to feel complete.

Chevril Heart

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Small lidded pot
There are many layers to my work.  It is about surfaces, texture, and imprints, but it is also filled with memories of childhood; being on the beach and collecting curious found objects.  There are also darker themes exploring an inner emotional world.   The ceramic pieces are mainly made from red earthenware, imprinted using found objects and clay stamps that I have made.  Layers are built up of glazes, oxides and small fragments of found glass.  The work is mainly on a human scale; something you can hold in your hand.  I also make mono prints using clay to print from.  The clay gives a soft and richly textured feel to the prints. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I developed a passion for the visual arts while on a two year Foundation Course in Art in my late teens.  I then went on the take a degree in Textile Design at Winchester School of Art.

Having since raised 4 daughters, run a small business, organised events and trained others, I have come full circle and now practice my art full time. 

The phrase 'Wild goose chase' commonly suggests being in pursuit of something fruitless or futile.  However, in celtic tradition, the Wild Goose represents the Holy Spirit.  Wild Geese are know for their untamable and capracious nature.  They are intrinsically free!

I'm learning that by chasing the Great Wild Goose, my life is anything but fruitless!


Monday, 6 February 2012


Gillian has painted all her life and has been inspired by the changing light and mood of the countryside she paints, she uses the full richness and resonance of oil paints to create her well constructed and convincing compositions which typify and evoke the tranquility of our quiet landscapes in England.

Much of her work is inspied by her surroundings in East Bedfordshire, but the opportunities presented by her frequent travels to Europe and beyond have given her the chance to adjust her palette and present the variations in light so different from the English environment. 

Gillian exhibits regularly in london at the Royal Institute for Oil Painters as well as other major and more local exhibitions throughout the country.  Gillian had a picture hung in the Summer Exhibition 2010 at the Royal Academy. 

Gillian is passionate about painting and seizes every opportunity to pick up her paints and 'get out there' for her next project.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Ilene has recently re-located to Bristol from St Louis, Missouri where she was awarded numerous community-based public art commissions.  Trained as a sculptor, she uses the sculptor's emphasis on material to create her work.  Her understanding of 'material' has evolved to include whatever process or media is necessary to express the idea.  In recent works, this expression has taken the form of textile, concrete, poetry and negotiation.

Ilene's studio practice is based on the belief that art can (and should) change the world.  No matter the form, each site specific work is the result of respectfully formed relationships and is designed through the careful listening to people speak about and the patient watching of people move through a specific place.  Each engagement is different as she works to develop an understanding of that place and an insight into what is to be challenged or celebrated within it.  These challenges or celebrations may take the form of an object, an experience or a series of events.  This type of practice is referred to as relational, situational or durational.  All three fit.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Vanessa is a children’s portrait photographer from Bath.  She recently took a three month sabbatical with her partner and their two young children to travel through South East Asia and Japan.  They spent just under a month at the Home and Life Foundation in Thai Muang Province, Thailand; an orphanage set up in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. 
The primary objective of their time at the orphanage was to help the management team improve and enhance a small cafe business they operated to help sustain themselves.  It was an incredibly humbling and enlightening experience for the whole family and one they will treasure forever.
All proceeds from the sale of these items will be split between Mercy in Action and Home and Life Foundation.

East meets West

Brewing storm on Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Hula Hula Girl
This little girl is called Rice Milk, it is all she would eat until she was two!

Family Portrait
Meet twins Bum and Bim and their little sister Beer.  Their mother was killed in the Tsunami and their father lost his fishing boat and therefore his income.  He is almost blind and works long hours in the paddy field for little money and he cannot support his children.

Temple of the Golden Pavillion, Kyoto, Japan